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Handyworx Services
PO Box 1108 Templestowe VIC 3106
0403 780 439 or (03) 9812 7520

About Us

Handy Worx Services ( HWS) is a Melbourne based business started in January 2015

The HWS difference A unique point of difference, setting us apart from other individual and cleaning companies, is our level of professionalism, our innovative cleaning methods, ourcustomer service,our efficient systems, and the companies we are associated with.

We value the health and safety of our TEAM, and Customers, we also feel very strongly about doing our bit for the environment, and that is the reason why we use specially formulated, environmentally friendly products and innovative cleaning methods. We are also committed to deliver second to none services andto educate customers to cut the cost and timenecessary of maintaining their home in a state of the art condition at any given time.

We believe that a clean and safe environment and excellentcustomer service is something that all our customers deserves,happy to have andreceive.